Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Northstar?


If you enjoy playing music, competing on the state and national level in some of the finest facilities in the country and making memories and friendships that will last a lifetime, then we would love to have you! Whether you are going into 7th grade (by recommendation) or preparing for your senior year, it’s never too late to join!

We encourage you to look through our website for more information.  Feel free to contact the Marching Band Director if you have any further questions.  If you still believe you have what it takes to be a Northstar, we’d love to have you!


Through their hard work, common goals, and shared experiences, members of the marching band build strong bonds. Friendships forged in marching band last throughout school and        beyond.  Students transitioning from the junior high to high school will already have a network of friends before the first day of school. 


Every member of the marching band is important.  There is no bench.  Marching band requires members of different ages, backgrounds and abilities to come together and perform as one team.  To be successful, every member must know their part and have trust in their teammates.


Marching band offers once in a lifetime experiences students can’t get anywhere else.  The Northstars have  performed and competed on the state and national level in events and facilities such as Metlife Stadium, Navy Marine Corp Stadium, Everbank Field, Taxslayer Bowl,  Citrus Bowl, Tournament of Roses parade, and the NYC St. Patrick’s Day parade.


From July to November, countless hours will be spent at practices and competitions, memorizing music and learning drill.  Students will learn time management to balance marching band, school, homework and other commitments, a skill that will benefit them the rest of their lives.


Members of the marching band become a family, sharing in their success and supporting each other in adversity.  Members look out for one another and often provide a support group like none other in school.


As a member of the Northstars Marching Band, students are part of  one of the founding members of the NYS Field Band Conference (Cicero HS Golden Eagles and North Syracuse HS Northmen).  Students will learn the traditions established by thousands of former members and have an opportunity to leave their own legacy.

“Once a Northstar, always a Northstar”


“I want to take a moment to try and find the words to express my thanks to all the students, parents and teachers/leaders who have helped my daughter and family through this season.  When my 11 year old said she want to join the Marching Band, I was more than nervous – about the time, & money, the commitment, about a YOUNG 7th grader fitting in with high school kids………But now – I see the changes in (her), the growth she has had this year and I couldn’t be more grateful.  Thank you to the directors, staff, parents, and students who have guided and helped us through this year. I look forward to 5 more years of being a part of this team of dedicated individuals.”

“Marching Band changed our lives and I can’t wait to be a part of it for the coming years.”


“Ms. Seamans and Mr. Hover had a connection with these kids that made them want to work harder, and the other instructors did an incredible job of building on this to lead these children to an undefeated, championship season that will be one of the most memorable experiences of their lives.”

“Ms. Seamans, thank you so much.  I don’t know what magic occurs on those fields to take a kid like mine and turn him into what we saw on the field, but it worked.  Every member of my kid’s family got choked up at some point when we saw him on the field, because we couldn’t believe it was the same kid.  We could not be prouder.”
“The parents watch out for the kids, but the kids watch out for each other, too.  My kid has become part of a family, a brotherhood, a tradition. He learned about hard work and the payoff is big.  And if this is what I see in six months, I can’t wait until next year and the year after! “

“I can’t think of a better group of people that I could entrust my only child with! Thank you for all of the work & love you all put into this trip! And into the program in general!”